Summer School of Fish Parasitology 2016: Parasites of Fish in Africa

ECIP – European Centre of IchthyoParasitology

the largest research group focused exclusively on fish parasitology, formed by teams from:

  • the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno
  • Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno
  • Institute of Parasitology, Biological Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences,
  • České Budějovice, Czech Republic

in the co-operation with

  • Czech Society for Parasitology


Summer School of Fish Parasitology 2016: Parasites of Fish in Africa


29 August – 9 September 2016

Brno, Czech Republic


The capacity of the course is full in this stage. If you are interested to attend the upcoming issue planning for 2019, please, send us your contact detail on to be included in the mailing list and to receive new announcement in time.


A complex course on fish parasitology from A to Z, i.e. from catching fish, their parasitological examination, processing of parasites found and their identification, morphological and molecular evaluation, and analysing genetic and ecological data, will include lectures and practical lessons provided, among others, by Iva Dyková (amoebae and other parasitic protists), Astrid Holzer and Ivan Fiala (myxozoans and molecular phylogenetics), Milan Gelnar and Andrea Šimková (monogeneans and evolutionary ecology), Tomáš Scholz and Roman Kuchta (tapeworms), and Aneta Kostadinova (trematodes and molecular taxonomy). Three prominent fish parasitologists, prof. Kurt Buchmann (Dennmark), Bernd Sures (Germany) and prof. Nico Smit (South Africa) will present invited lectures.


Course Fee: 150 EUR

The fee includes all study material, coffee breaks and lunches during whole course, and one night accommodation at the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, University of South Bohemia, Vodňany, Czech Republic. Participants of the course (at maximum 12 persons) will be selected by organisers on the basis of their motivation letter and recommendation of their supervisor.



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Day Activity Mentor/Presenter
Sunday 28. 8. 2016 ARRIVAL & registration  Přikrylová
Evening Get-together party  
Monday 29. 8. 2016 Opening & fish hosts   
Morning session   Opening of the course, staff, logistics, safety rules Gelnar & Přikrylová
  Presentation of the participants  
  Fish as host of parasites and their ecology Jurajda & Reichard
  Methods of sampling fish Jurajda
Afternoon session Transport to Lanžhot  
  Lunch in Lanžhot  
  Field trip - capturing fish Jurajda
Tuesday 30. 8. 2016 Introduction, Protista & Myxozoa I   
Morning session Introduction to fish parasitology Gelnar 
  Protista: introductory lecture  Holzer
  Myxozoa: introductory lecture  Holzer
Afternoon session Protista & Myxozoa: methods of study Dyková, Tyml
  Protista & Myxozoa: practical demonstration & fish dissection Dyková, Tyml
Wednesday 31. 8. 2016 Protista & Myxozoa II  
Morning session Protista & Myxozoa in Africa Holzer
  Fish parasites in African biodiversity research: case studies, with focus on cichlid hosts Vanhove
  Parasites in Danish Aquaculture von Gersdorff Jørgensen 
Afternoon session Protista & Myxozoa: practical demonstration & fish dissection Dyková, Tyml
Evening Czech research on Monogeneans in Africa  Gelnar
Thursday 1. 9. 2016 Ectoparasites I   
Morning session Monogenea: introductory lecture Řehulková
  Monogenea in Africa Řehulková 
Afternoon session Monogenea: methods of study Řehulková
  Monogenea: practical demonstration & fish dissection Řehulková
Friday 2. 9. 2016 Ectoparasites II   
Morning session Parasitic Crustacea & small groups: introductory lecture Smit
  Parasitic Crustacea & small groups: Afican  Smit
  Parasitic Crustacea & small groups: methods of study  
Afternoon session Ectoparasites: practical demonstration  Smit
Evening  Environmental parasitology Nachev
Saturday, 3. 9. 2016 Endohelminths I   
Morning session Endoparasitic helminths: introductory lecture Scholz
  Endoparasitic helminths: methods of study & taxonomy Scholz
  Preparation of whole-mounts (staining of worms) Scholz
Afternoon session Endoparasites: practical demonstration & fish dissection Scholz 
Sunday 4. 9. 2016 Sightseeing & free time  
whole day  various options will be offered to the attendants  
Monday, 5. 9. 2016 Endohelminths II   
Morning session Endohelminths: Trematoda Scholz
  Endohelminths: Cestoda & Acanthocephala Scholz
  Endohelminths: Nematoda Mašová
  Trematode of marine fishes Kostadinova
Afternoon session Endohelminths: practical demonstration Scholz et al.
Evening  How to identify helminths & write a systematic paper Kostadinova
Tuesday, 6. 9. 2016 Molecular methods   
Morning session Molecular data: importance for taxonomy, diagnosis & evolutionary studies Fiala
  DNA isolation & PCR amplification Fiala, Brabec
Afternoon session Alignment of DNA sequences & phylogenetic trees Fiala, Brabec 
Evening  Molecular data on fish parasites in Africa: Monogenea in focus Přikrylová, Vanhove
Wednesday 7. 9. 2016 Ecological data   
Morning session Introduction to parasite ecology Vetešníková-Šimková
  Patterns in parasite communities  Jarkovský, Vetešníková-Šimková
Afternoon session Processing ecological data Jarkovský
Evening  Databases and search for literary data Kuchta
Thursday 8. 9. 2016 Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection   
Morning session Trip to Vodňany  
  Lunch in Vodňany  
Afternoon session Lectures about work at FFWP, Practical demonstration of fish treatment Kolářová
Evening Fish Barbecue  
Friday 9. 9. 2016    
Morning session Visit of infrastuctures of Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection Kolářová
  Trip to České Budějovice  
  Lunch in České Budějovice  Scholz
Afternoon session Institute of Parasitology in České Budějovice - visit of laboratories Scholz, Holzer
  Closure  & handover of certificates Scholz, Přikrylová
  Trip back to Brno