Leatest projects

Sofia, Vidin, Bulgaria / Europe

June, 1.5 weeks (V. Michálková, P. Jurajda., V. Prášek)

Collecting ichthyological and ichthyoparasitological material for the study of environmental parameters and parasite communities in invasive species.

University of Limpopo and North-West University

South Africa / Africa

July–August, 7 weeks (I. Přikrylová)

Sampling of fish parasites, supervision of students and project work.

White Sea Biological Station of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University

Cape Kindo, Velikaja Salma, Russia / Europe

June–July, 2.5 weeks (A. Valigurová, M. Kováčiková)

Sampling of marine early-branched apicomplexans, in vitro experimental assays and processing for further procedures.